1. Tell us about where it all began and what inspired you to start  artwork

I’ve always been a very creative person and enjoyed arts and crafts as a child and often made cards for my parents.Back in November 2018, I was made redundant from my job and my mum suggested I finally start my own card business and Aziza Illustrates grew from there!

2. What makes your brand unique?

Representation has always been the course of Aziza Illustrates and there’s nothing I love more than when a customer says “she looks just like my aunt!” More recently, Aziza Illustrates has taken one step further and began providing highly personalised greeting cards. Now every customer can have a card that looks just like them!

3. Where do you see your brand in the next few years? Any specific goals or aspirations?

In  the next few years I would like to have my items in high street shops, making them readily  available to the community, especially to those without internet access. I’d also like to have a wider range of products sold by Aziza Illustrates. 

4. As you know Popup United is all about supporting small businesses… So as a small business what advice would you give to other small business owners who are just starting out?

I’d definitely recommend documenting your progress, looking back at older photos can really show how far you have come! Also remember to try and find some time for yourself. Like many other small business owners, I also have a 9-6 job and it’s so easy to  spend huge chunks of time on drawings. Before I know it, they day is over and I haven’t made time for any self-care. Finally don’t be afraid to say no or ask people to wait a little longer before their work is complete. There’s nothing worse than having 3 deadlines in a week! 

5. What is your favourite piece from the range and why? (Please send us a picture of the chosen item.)

My favourite product has to be the King Queens and Warriors colouring and story book. I loved learning about the historical people and sharing my newly found knowledge. The original concept of the book was a parent can read the story to a child whilst the child colours in the picture, however there have also been adults who have purchased it for themselves!

6. What can we look forward to seeing? Do you have any new collaborations or new projects coming up?

Behind the scenes, I’ve been busy experimenting and I have a few new product ideas that I’m working on which will be ready soon! Im also really excited about two prints I created alongside fashion designer Imran Ibrahim Couture that will be released in late May!   

7. What is one thing you really want the reader to know about  azizaillustrates 

My artwork is created to help convey emotions that can’t always be put into words and bring joy to the receiver. Aziza means cherished, respected, precious and beloved and I hope you feel this way when you give or receive an item from Aziza Illustrates. 

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